I considered the title of this work but it never come up. Following things could be related to the title.

1) I love to go out from the exhibition space because of BankART facing the sea.

2)There are so many trashes which some artists made and showed as art work before in BankART.

3) I want to make a raft using those trashes.

4) I think it's not a question that the raft float on water or not but it's good to be floating there.

year: 2007

material: mixed media

size: 14m for the raft

view: Installation at La Chaine BankART Studio NYK, Yokohama


I made a big trashy raft from left-over/art rubbish from the art center called BankART where next to the canal in yokohama. When I went to the space, i found there was a lot of art rubbish, probably a part of artwork, some kinds of materials there. I supposed to make new video for the theme of "video art" show, but i want to escape from dark room at that time. so I asked my friends to work with me to build up that raft. Then after, we went to the Tokyo bay once on it.


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